S-TIER was founded in 2021 by Sean Strang and James Politi with one simple goal: give content creators world-class representation. S-TIER was acquired by and joined the Metafy team in September 2023.
With hundreds of contracts and hundreds of thousands of dollars secured for creators S-TIER continues to excel at that mission every day.
You focus on your craft — we’ll handle the rest. 'The rest' includes email management, sponsorship management, rate-setting, 1099 consolidation, contract review, and whatever else frees you up to create. If you’re looking for fresh sponsorships or trying to reach companies that could take your career to the next level, S-TIER should be your first call.

What it's like on the S-Tier

S-TIER offers its clients unparalleled advantages within the industry.
Instant payments. You complete your sponsorship - we’ll pay you out. Instantly.

Our clients have the opportunity to earn an equity stake in a company valued at over $100M USD. We grow - you grow - we grow together.

Metafy receives over 1 million page views per month. Let’s push some of those views to your channels so you can grow your audience and career.


Founded in 2020, Metafy has quickly become the premier destination for helping students improve at their favorite games, and helping their Partners make a living in the industry they love.

What We Do
Help players win more, and suck less.
How We Do It
Written articles and guides
Replay Reviews
1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
Thousands of hours of world-class video content
Exclusive podcasts

So, it's a coaching platform?
WRONG. We do coaching, and we do it damn well, but we're on our way to becoming THE social hub for players and Partners, with Profiles, Feeds and our very own Marketplace coming soon.
Metafy acquired S-TIER in September 2023 to further empower content creators with management and agency services.

Sean Strang

Before founding S-TIER, Sean was a vice president at Washington Speakers Bureau (WSB), described as “the world’s leading live events talent agency.”

As founder of S-TIER and Metafy’s VP of Talent (talent = you), Sean Strang represents content creators and helps them advance their careers by obtaining sponsorships, endorsements and other promotional deals.
Sean has represented clients on multi-channel advertising deals, traditional TV agreements, business consulting, sponsorships, paid writing opportunities, voice-overs and many other revenue-generating opportunities. He has obtained over $10M in gross revenue for clients and negotiated over 1,000 contracts in his career.
During his seven years with WSB, he booked speaking engagements and negotiated contracts for hundreds of big names, including former professional athletes from the NFL, NBA and MLB, best-selling authors, business visionaries, journalists, TV personalities, one of the Wiggles, former cabinet-level officials, five former U.K. prime ministers and a former U.S. president.
Sean is based in the Washington, DC area. His favorite games include the Baldur’s Gate Series, Starcraft: Broodwar and the Mass Effect series (except Andromeda).